Words and things

This is a place about many things.

You can read about the many things or find out about me, Rosalie.

Or, be on your way. It’s probably a lovely day somewhere out there.  And if not, you could always read a book.

“What place would be better for us than this? Who wants us, outside of here? The world is full of terrible people.”

— Merricat
We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Shirley Jackson

Rugged up so hard today that my reading glasses fogged up.

(Are they still reading glasses when you’re writing? I write & edit for a day job, so I guess they’re multifocal.

Please ignore this terrible play on words if you’re easily word-fended)

New scene down. Forest I've never seen before.
Nice work, creative word brain. Welcome home, buddy.

A life-got-in-the-way stalled writing project just made me snort-laugh.
Revival signs are good.

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